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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh please,I need normal friends.I've got a few not-so-normal friend,eg:WKL,CYX!They are scary.My advise to you all,BEWARE OF THEM!Run away when you see them,as far as possible.

Anyway,these days I don't feel so comfortable wherever I go,I feel like there are people talking bad about me but few of my friends told me that I think to much.So,I'm trying to stop being so suspicious about everything.

More and more events are coming up,Sports day is just next week,I PRAY hard that we will do our best and hopefully....HOPEFULLY...we will win!...But I think PRS is the best among the three Lembaga's....Still...ALL THE BEST ...!

I'm going to fall sick soon,the weather is killing me!I can't stand the heat and the sudden rain and stuff.My dad is sick,My maid and now I'm having flu,Oh no,This ain't good!I don't like it much.

Went to Serdang just now for an Open House at my mum's colleague.NICE FOOD!I enjoyed very much.Tomorrow Chap Goh Meh,Going down to Ipoh tomorrow instead of today due to some reasons.

Saturday, February 27, 2010
Saturday, February 20, 2010
Back to where we started

First and foremost,
Happy Chinese New Year!

At last,I'm back from Thailand.Some people asked me,Why do you go to Thailand so often?Well,I don't know,parents go ,I follow.Simple.

Well,I guess everybody went from one house to another to collect angpao,angpao and MORE angpaos, but for me I went to Thailand shopping,well practically my mum bought the MOST stuff.I miss going to people's house to eat my fav pineapple tarts and bee hive!=(
Nevermind,I shall collect double angpaos next year =)

The week before Chinese New Year was totally a busy week for me.I've got lots of things to do and complete it.I don't know how to control my class,I've got a major problem trying to make them co-operate,which makes me mad.Sometimes I wish I've got super powers so that I could put a spell on them.Imagine a teacher got angry the first day,then the second day she/he cried!Oh my...I've got no idea what I could do.Teach me!

Played monopoly deal with my brothers,arghh...I can't loose....Well,the only game I haven't touch this new year is Mahjong.Played Gin Rummy.=)

More updates.


Saturday, February 20, 2010
Saturday, February 6, 2010
To the extreme!

Because I seldom blog these days so I think I shall blog for the second time today.

I think everyone should be proud of me CHEAW WEN TING,for being so brave going Bungy Jumping.Why?Well...let me explain why...Be patient and continue reading...

First of all,for those people who knows me,they always say I am very thin+ short(but I'm STILL growing).So,often whatever sports I feel like participating I always feel embarrass because of my height,especially my height!Some say I look like standard 5,6 or even worse standard 1.Feel so sad sometimes,but I admit I am short.And because of that I don't like taking part in anything.

Next,I'm the oh-so-useless girl.I get sick so often that the money wasted on me to see doctor is more than your tuition fees for the rest of your lives...I'm currently taking medicine every single freaking day because of my SUDDEN allergy which doctor don't actually really know what is the reason.I get sick almost every month,lucky enough 2 months once.Even when my 'aunt red'comes to visit me it hurts me so much I can't sleep!

Not only that,I never thought of doing such things.It only happens in my dreams,when I first arrived at that place I saw somebody jumping,and I was like Oh My.......!!!!Then,I started to think,should I do this should I do this...Then I told my mum I wanted to...When I went up,I look down and was like....AHHHHHHH,I'm going to die soon!!I haven't say bye bye to my friends...I'm on a holiday...!!No..I wanted to give up but then I took a DEEP DEEP breath and down I went.

I didn't shout when I was going down,Why?Because I couldn't shout,I wanted to shout out loud but because of that force,I couldn't.The only thing I said was OH MY GOD!Those people down there,like my parents,people who did the bungy jump before me all stood there and waited for me and they were cheering for me!I did it!=]

I am so proud of myself!I guess some people are like,WTH!CWT did Bungy Jumping...Cannot be must be lying...Well,You guys got it all wrong.This proves CHEAW WEN TING is brave enough to do this!

Please change your perception towards me from now on if you ever thought I am just some little girl who can't do a thing.This proves you wrong! Never underestimate me!

Thats all .I'm going to sleep now.

Saturday, February 06, 2010
Next stop.

The next one I would love to try is Sky Diving!It would be cool!=]

Anway,its a saturday again,I went to school since you know I'm hardworking,nice and I always love school.........

First two period was PJ again since today's class is replacing friday so PJ again!Well,there were only 8 of us(girls) so teacher asked us to do the 100m run.Oh man,....everyone there is good in running!!!>.<

Just before the run,we were asked to do out warm up and Dear Chai Meng was pushing me whenever I stop running...She is crazzy....I was out of breath but I had to continue....What to do...After doing the 100m,we went to the volleyball court and Pn.Amutha teached us Yoga.

Yoga was Fun!We were doing Sun Salutation.When Dharmesh came he was asked by Pn.Amutha to do it and Guess What he did?He faced the sun and salute!Lame...but it made us laugh...I felt better after doing Yoga.Emily came to find me...btw were you shocked by what we were doing?

After changing,back to class I saw the guys were playing with Joel's guitar...Ali started singing....I was reading 'A Place Called Here'. When En.Kamarul came in,I started chit chatting with him...later I join them and heard Ali singing songs bout us...That wasn't Funny!=P

After recess,Ali tried to play the song Pump Your blood!=) Interesting!He changed to music and made it much easier and not so fast for us to sing.It was nice!

Went for the BENGKEL!It was Ok,except for the part where Pn.Siti was giving the Speech...OH MY...I was going to sleep!Grr....

Later,I'll be going with bridget and her family to her grandmother's house to celebrate the grandma's birthday.It is kind of awkward because I don't really know their relatives but they invited me and bridget wants me to go so.....

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! Everything will be fine,right?Right!

Believe or not to believe is something I can't decide.I once fell and Got up but now I'm falling again!Help me!

Saturday, February 06, 2010
Thursday, February 4, 2010
Sunday Party!

I'm looking forward to this sunday's party!Girls will be wearing dress or skirt while guys....Idk.
Well,everybody will be bringing all kinds of food,'potluck'!Almost whole class will be going and I'm very happy!A few of them are bringing their dates!woohoo!Let's party!I hope everything will go well...!NO RAIN!!!!

Chicken Heart STINKS!ewww...I forbid Kalye to touch me after she tocuh that plastic bag which was filled with chicken heart.Dirty,I told her she could touch me only after she uses the hand sanitizer!haha...ily.

I won't be celebrating new year this year,so I'm going on a holiday to Krabi again.This time I'm going shop till I drop!=) I'm going to buy more unuse stuff xD A whole week for me to shop ,I'm going to buy more food,food,food!I'm not FAT!!!!>.<

I've got lots to write but I can't write it now.
Next time!=D

Thursday, February 04, 2010
Monday, February 1, 2010
Phuket trip.

I enjoyed my Phuket trip especially Bungy Jump!

Yes,I went Bungy Jumping!I didn't expect myself to be so brave to do this but I DID!!!!!It was soooo...COOL!

Well,the price was quite high but dad allowed me to jump.Per Jump was about Rm 210(cheapest!)I really love my trip to Phutket because I done something unexpected,My brother didn't even belive I went bungy jump!!!ahahaha...Suprise!

Not only that,I bought myself a dress and shoes and lots of food!=DI love it,but the sun there is way hotter than Malaysia,Don't ask me why but it is super hot.I'm dark now,I mean I'm darker!!!!

Marching started.Tiring...!Well,I really hope we will do well this year!

For now.

Monday, February 01, 2010