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Monday, December 21, 2009
Jingle Bell...

I haven't been updating my blog for a few days because I'm in Penang and I'm still in Penang.I was busy doing some work and wasn't able to go to the gym room to use the computer.Anyway,I'll be staying here until christmas end.So,I told Min Hua mummy that I'll be activating my SIM card on christmas day but I don't think I can but I'll activate it when my mum comes to Penang cause She will be bringing my SIM card along.


Of course,this means I'll be skipping tuesday night's bio and phys tuition.I've got a reason,I'm not here to play but to do some stuff .Well,I miss KL.I miss my pillow.Well,luckily my apartment over here got lots of pillow for me to hug too .I can't go online now due to something but I will when I finish downloading the new version.

It is so windy here ,of course I live opposite the beach and the breeze is so nice.=) I'm sorry I couldn't give you the christmas present on time and I'm sorry I couldn't go buy books together with you.ily.

I'll try to update this blog everyday.Min Hua,keep me updated!=D

Monday, December 21, 2009
Monday, December 14, 2009
Boo ya!

Well,I suppose to go out with my friends to sunway lagoon but dad didn't let me go.I felt so sad,I'm sorry.My dad say the only thing I know is PLAY,which is not true.Until now,I've only went out with my friends once that was also because our tuition teacher buy us KFC.Other than that,I did not go out,mum also didn't bring me out.I stayed at home doing nothing.

I went over to Bridget's house.Watched The Proposal.Omg,the little dog kept running around me,haha,he saw the dog on tv that barked and he barked back.Funny.

Kalye's going to China tomorrow.She better buy me souvenirs xD ily.

Went to 1U on sunday bought a christmas present for you!i hope you will like it=D

The end.

Brother:Ting,do you have anything that you want to buy?
Me:Yes,I need to buy Nail remover.
Me:Oh,I mean nail polish remover.*smiles*

Monday, December 14, 2009
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ain't we cute?xD

Yesterday,I looked through those all pictures in my computer and found lots of photos.All those memories...
Well,yesterday went to Min Hua's house,watch Virgin Snow but we didn't really concentrate on that show because we were talking.
So noisy la my neighbour,drill,drill,drill,bang,bang,bang!So annoying!
Chem tuition later.Emily better remember to give Kalye .XD
More updates .

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stephanie mummy and me!=)

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to Min Hua,

Happy Birthday to you.

At last you are 16!(gosh I feel so old)

Well,I bought you something,I hope you like it=D

Ok,not only I want to wish my darling stephanie mummy,I also would like to wish my another sayang xD

LIM JIA SENG,My 'husband'!My birthday you gave me shit so for your birthday I decided to give you nothing =P haha..

I wish the both of them Happy birthday and may all their wishes come true.



Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Monday, December 7, 2009
Teehee ;)

I’m am totally exhausted.Why? Because I went out the whole day did lots of window shopping but I also bought a little things.

Ok,my day started of with waking up early and got myself ready and went to mum's office.Reach there about 9.30 a.m. Then,Aunt Chris and Kevin arrive!Weeeee....So excited!First,we went to British Council to register Kevin for a class.Right after that,we went to Clinic Ian Ong ,Aunt Chris have to go for a checkup.We waited for her to finish and then we went to Hotel Maya for breakfast.Oolala...What a wonderful breakfast,and the bil came and oolala..the price was very 'Nice' too!haha...expensive la..one mineral water Rm 14.

After that breakfast,we went to KLCC .Well,Kinokuniya was our favourite place in KLCC.I love to go there.I can really read lots of books there and Its the best place for me to enjoy.I bought 3 books of Cecilia Ahern.Weeee...=) =D Kevin wanted to watched Princess and the frog but too bad is not on cinema yet.So,walked around ,this year's decoration in KLCC changed,its more like for kids.So cute,haha...

So,Aunt Chris brought me to Pavillion because she know that I've never been to Pavillion .Seriously,I have never been there and I was looking forward to go there.We walked to Pavillion from KLCC since its not too far.Reach Pavillion and we went to the shoes department.Oh yea, I saw Sembonia and Carlo Rino selling shoes and 50% discount =) But I choose not too buy so we just browse through and walked and walked.Then we went to Charmelon and I saw rings so I bought 2 rings for myself.^^

Then we went to the food court downstairs and went to drink herbal soup,I ordered duck mee soup.Aunt Chris say we should walk for awhile more then go to Tony Romas to eat Ribs .Oh my,it was already 4 something and we were quite full eating so much.So,we walk one round and came back to Tony Romas and ate Ribs.Aunt Chris ordered 10 ribs.We can't finish it and so we 'bungkus ' and took back to mum's office.

Went back to mum's office and waited for her to finish her work,then dad came to fetch us home.I'm am really tired and currently watching movie.

Oh my god!Kalye 's got a new dog and its my favourite MALTESE!I don't like you Kalye .Hmp!-.- I think I want to go to your house to kidnap the dog !=D I love you lots !



Monday, December 07, 2009
Sunday, December 6, 2009
Here we go again =D

Haha.Kalye were you jealous and wish that you were that small girl.Gosh,that girl really knows how to talk,I think she is more mature than us? Haha..actually you miss the part where Taylor brought that girl to her room...Not bad,her room is quite simple.I hope you like it.Maybe next time when she interview James Mccoy and I'm watching I'll call you right away (that is if you are at home la) But still,you kind of miss the front part a little..Her house!Nevermind,maybe there is repeat of this programme .Btw,I Love you too!=D ^

My eldest brother went back to malacca,his going to start work tomorrow!=( Dad and mum is coming back tonight but I've no idea what time they will be arriving.My crazy second brother went out already and left me and the maid at home.I went nowhere today,stayed at home the whole day.Guess what time I woke up?11.35!!=D wahaha...

Somebody says that all my post were in chinese,so I think I'll be writting a post using Chinese but I'm not good in chinese so don't blame me if you don't understand.

And,OMG!Christine Chong joins the Taylor Swift gang.She will be joining Kalye(the crazy one) !I can't believe you like her too...Not that I don't like her,but I'm not a fan of her but I like her la...I'll go crazy if this two sits nexts to me and starts talking about Taylor Swift..They will make me go GAGAGA..

Hmm...I'll be going out tomorrow to mum's office then out with aunt Chris..makan makan and jalan jalan...=) Weee...But I'm a little lazy la..=P Omg,this Momo Love is making laugh LOUD! haha...her four brothers are very funny!

Kalye's going to go on a holiday next week,Yew Juan also,leaving me and Stephanie in tuition =( I hope stephanie doesn't go on a vacation too..If not I'll goo GAGA again..

Ok,ending this post already!



Sunday, December 06, 2009
Saturday, December 5, 2009
Oh my beloved...

Christine dear,

Yea,you are right,She is really pretty!I think I prefer to like her more than Kristen Stewart .And she is soo cute in this Twilight movie.

Anyway,I <3>

You all know what?Sometimes I see guys who are like whoa * staring* so handsome!! But when I see one of their hands holding cigaratte,Gaah ,I'll give a thumbs down! I get so annoyed when I see guys smoking,spoil image only..Yucky...I just think that if a guy wants to smoke ,they shouldn't smoke infront of girls.That is totally rude!Some of my brother's friend smoke,but luckily when I go out with them,they know how to say excuse me .I don't mind people with a polite attitude,I'm fine with that but but but I totally hate guys who smokes and blows it right infront of you or even direct to your face!I feel like punching this kind of people.7 words for them: Go DIE LA...=D Want to smoke?go far far away from me,I can't stand people smoking,I'll have problem breathing.

Why am I talking bout all this?This is because I went to mamak just now and saw this kind of people except for the direct smoking part but still it happened to me before!I went mamak with my 2 brothers and their friends..wanted to eat my 'tall tall' which actually refers to roti tissue .That is what usually people call but whenever I want to eat I'll tell my family,I wanna eat 'tall tall' xD wahhaa..

hmm..my parents are away,my maid is sleeping,my eldest brother is downstairs using the computer,my second brother is 'killing' virtual terrorist in his room and I'm typing!=) Its already 1.52 a.m.!I think I'm going to end this post soon.I'm acutally watching Momo Love,the taiwanese drama.I find those 4 brothers funny and very cute ,the way they treat their sister is so funny and they are really protective.Sometimes I wish I have this kind of brothers.I mean I DO HAVE but I'm just thinking myself being the girl in this drama.Still,at times this kind of brothers could be very annoying and can make you go mad!

Ok la,I think I want to end post here.=D



Saturday, December 05, 2009
Friday, December 4, 2009
Trang,Krabi and Hatyai.

A hut!

This thing is super cute!



I love the sunset!


and again...


Boats are coming back to shore!

Just for Rm 9.90 u can eat all you want buffet style Shabu-shabu!

Beloved Mum!

I love the sunset lots!


Lots of sunset picture!


Still sunset!
I took lots of sunset pictures!
Far far away..

Sea shore

Going down
still going

almost there!
little more...

a little more...

Looks like strepsils (or however u spell) it to me..

Just a litte more..

A long road..


Jingle bell,Jingle bell..


so cute!
Lots of people!
Still more to come...

Friday, December 04, 2009
Happy 100 post!

xD Yikes!

Yes,its the hundred post!Yea,at last!Some people open this account not too long ago and they already written 100++ .But still congratulations to myself!=D And I've changed the background,Ok?Maybe I'll change again when I think its time or when I start hating it.

Anyway,its 1.25 and I'm awake.See how early I wake up,don't complain about me waking up late,I do wake up early!xD Well,went to chemistry tuition just now,new form 4 students!Hope teacher can act fierce if not they will be like us ,Good Luck teacher,all the best!=D

I like Ashley Greene,the girl who acts as ALICE in Twilight,New Moon....She is pretty and cute and I like her voice too!=) Aww..I really like her!Gosh...

Ok,what should I talk about.Oh...I know! Kalye,Kalye you should read this!


Cutting Protions Down to Size.

Here are few ways to reduce your portions:

Wait Ten Minutes Your

Stomach needs about that long to signal to brain that it's full,so wait before helping yourself to more fries or lasagne.Keep the conversationgoing or,if you're dining alone,read the newspaper or do a crossword.If you're still truly hungry after the delay,have a scond helping of the vegetables or salad.

Leave The "Clean Plate" Club

Most of us eat everything we're served,no matter how big the portion.A better strategy is to eat a healthy portion,then stop.It's better to waste a little food(or save it for tomorrow) than to overload your body!

Never Eat Straight From A Bag,Box or Carton

If you're eating takeaway food,put the right portion on a plate and put the package away,then sit down and enjoy your meal,taking your time over it.

f You Like Big,Go Big On The Healthy Stuff

If you like large portions,overload your plate with vegetables and salad,or have a big,steaming bowl of stock-based soup.These water-rich,low-fat foods are low in calories,so big portion isn't a problem.And use a smaller plate for your meals.Less space on the plate means automatic portion control..

Well ,now you know!

I'm suppose to update picture,but the internet is not really good.I'll slowly add pictures in ..



Friday, December 04, 2009