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Sunday, November 22, 2009
I could but I won't

Lots of people!

Who are more cruel?Men or Women?

I came back from Thailand a few days ago.So,What did I do there?Where did I go?

On wednesday morning,I woke up freaking early,lets say 4.30a.m.?Got myself ready and my 2nd brother send Dad,my eldest brother and me to kepong central train station .We took a train from there to Ipoh.Since its been a long time I've never sat on a train that goes out of town so I was quite excited.It was a nice journey except for the screaming and jumping and laughing of the 2 kids infront of me,everything seems to be alright.
went to Penang .Took our bath and went out for dinner!=D Was very hungry!!Mum arrived Penang late at night.

Next morning

Woke up,packed everything into the car and went out for breakfast and off we went towards the north!Went through immigration,luckily wasn't a long long queue.It was already 2 p.m. ,perlu makan laaa...So drove another 45 minutes and reached Hatyai!Went to eat fried noodles and continued our journey,went to TRANG!2 hours journey from Hatyai.Dad and Brother took turn to drive while me and mum sat behind and watched chinese dramas,enjoyed!xD

At last arrived there about 6 p.m. checked in a hotel .rest,took our bath and then went out for dinner nearby.haha..had durian too!Trang doesn't have any night life ,all the shops closed so early even night market.When we reached the night market ,it was going to closed,we browsed through and then bought some food and went back to the hotel.

Ahh..next morning,we went to their market and walked around.Later,went to Krabi!another 3 hours! *gaah* So tiring but I'm not driving xDD Reached there about 4p.m.! Krabi,nice place.Went to our hotel and then went downtown!bought some food again to eat in the hotel,wahaha..We stayed there for 2 days !
Long story short,went back all the way to Hatyai!=D Went shopping for clothes and food!! Next day,afternoon,went back all the way to KL.Stop by Ipoh ,reached KL about 2 in the morning!
I really want to update pictures but the internet connection is giving me trouble.For now only 2.
Sunday, November 22, 2009
Saturday, November 21, 2009
Tell me why.

You were suppose to colour the rest.

I can't stand some people who just don't know that they are really annoying.Not only that they bug you,your friends and EVERYONE you know.They should be ashamed of themselves.I really can't stand them,Omg!Feel like slapping them to make them realise how annoying they are.some of them make things complicated and always ask really stupid questions .Yes,I'm talking about YOU.I hope you know who you are and stop acting like you are somebody that everyone should know and stop thinking that you are POPULAR.You are just annoying,selfish and Annoying!

Anyway,went for badminton this morning .Played for only one hour instead of two ,was quite tired.Went home,took my bath,ate and slept till 3=) Woke up and ate again,then did nothing except for silly stuff.After that,was using the computer until that particular person came to spoil my mood.

Thats all for now.Going to make Pavlova tomorrow.Heard of it before?PAVLOVA?A nice dessert,easy to make!^^~


Saturday, November 21, 2009
Friday, November 20, 2009

Mr.Ken. (kepochi)very busybody.=)

I just came back about an hour ago,took my shower and now blogging.

Before I start,I hearts you all my friends!Thanks to my chemistry tuition teacher,Mr Ken for KFC.Ok,Lets start.

First we went for tuition at 9.00,was feeling a little tired.Teacher wanted to gave us a test but instead he changed it to revision.=)Wendy came to tuition late because she had no transport.Well,after that I remembered that I forgot to eat my medicine thanks to Kalye who thought I was actually holding medicine in my hand instead of my PURPLE COMB!=) haha...I kept on reminding teacher that its going to be 12 and wanted teacher to teach as fast as possible.Haha...I wasn't really patient because I'm hungry!x)
After that,we only realise that not all of the students are going ,those who were going were only 11.Kalye's parents came to fetch and they fetch Yeow Xin home and then fetch me back home to get my medicine.Then we went to the train station,Kalye and Chen Hui went and bought the ticket while I went in cause I was having my mum's Touch-and-Go card with me =) *thanks mum* Waited for teacher,so slow...I don't what took him so long to change his clothes.=P Yeah,train came and all of us went in.It was a little packed but I guess I'm fine.Reached there and we headed straight to KFC!I passed by Mc Donald and asked teacher:"teacher,can I eat Mc Donald." He said:"Yes,Of course." But still we went to KFC.So,we were looking for places and haha...we kept on changing tables..WE sat down and waited for teacher !He was already at the counter ,BRAVO!Food came!Teacher ordered a lot of food.42 pieces of chicken including spicy and original,5 cheesy wedges,4 mash potato and vege.It was a lot,teacher estimate that each of us would eat at least 3 to 4 pieces but OMG!!So much...Anyway,before this teacher told us not to call him TEACHER in public but still we did it purposely when he said goodbye to us.Haha...I think he was embarrased xD
Later,went up to the cinema and decided to watch CHRISTMAS CAROL in 3D .Not really a nice movie,but in the cinema,I've knock my head against the chair infront of me for at least 3 times.PAIN!!>.<H-O-T! No air-cond ,and full of people.*I need AIR* Mum came and fetch me.Oh and tonight's dinner was LAME LAMB chop,spaghetti,salmon,and salad.Yummy...
Yeow Xin didn't follow us to midvalley and she wil be flying to China tomorrow!I'll miss her for sure.I hope that she brings me back something xD (just kidding) I hope you have a safe trip and take good care of yourself!
P.s//Pictures are all in facebook.Will upload pictures in to blog.*So lazy la..*
Friday, November 20, 2009
Thursday, November 19, 2009

I woke up about 11.45 a.m. ! haha..very long never sleep for so long.My day is just so unproductive andI'm not sure what I'm suppose to do but anyway I'm actually looking forward for tomorrow's outing with my tuition friends.I haven't been going out with my friends this year so I'm so happy that I could go out tomorrow.Woohoo..!I hope it will be a very fun outing.Mr.Ken is going to buy us KFC!xD Well,we plan to watch movie tomorrow but I don't know what movie will be interesting,so lets see tomorrow.Oh ya,I think I'll be bringing my camera with me to Midvalley!=) It better be a bright day tomorrow,I'm not hoping for a hot day nor a rainy day so let it be bright but cooling!^^~

To all the PPS pls go see the PPS blog there is an annoucement! If you do not understand,Pls ask me.Thank you!

Ok,I'll just stop here for now.Btw,I've changed my url to http://www.princess-cwting.blogspot.com/
Please inform those who doesn't know or haven't changed it.Thank you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Brighten up my day!=)

On monday night,after our dinner,my brother went to the cupboard and started looking for some stuff.Then he went to the video recorder and ask us to sit down and watch.It was actually all our childhood memories.All this video tapes brought back those funny &sweet memories.

One of them was about ME!The video was taken 7 days after I was born.Mum took me out and My 2 brothers playing with me..Not only that..there was also the one I was learning how to stand .HAHA..That was funny..I stand up and clap my hands and drop on the floor again..I'm so cute!xD
We watched until 12 something and was laughing hard!OMG!So funny,how my brother used to be...and of course me!aopane,I used to say that instead of aeroplane =) I was only 2! So much memories...ahh...Aha...One more...me and my best friend Christine,playing in the swimming pool and my grandma was sitting near us ..we were drinking the pool water...ahaha....OMG!!So stupid...
Yesterday went out with my retarded friends(Bridget and Sandy). We went and eat then went near the lake there and sat down and we started talking about everything!haha...we talked so long...Oh my ..I love my retarded friends=) Anyway,after that we went and buy drinks from coffee bean and then bought sushi!We went to the playground but Oh God..it started raining..We went back to coffee bean and started taking pictures but OMG those pictures so crazy!!>.<>
Today is just another day.Going to the hospital later to take my medicine!I think for now thats all....OH YA!At last,Kalye created a blog!=)
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Saturday, November 14, 2009

yesterday,Kalye,Kit Teng,Min Hua ,Yeow Xin and the one and only guy YEW JUAN I mean Indonesian Potato came over to my house for steamboat! Mum promised them so yesterday was the day.Mum actually cooked 2 kinds of soup tom yam and chicken soup.Wee...We ate tom yam more than chicken soup.While waiting for others to come,yeow xin,min hua and me started to take a RAW potato which represents YEW JUAN and started to do all kind of pose trying to kill him xD cruel but funny!

Anyway,after playing,my brother suddenly ask whether anyone knows how to play mahjong and wanted to play,yeow xin didn't know how to play but she wanted to learn how to play.So,me,brother and yeow xin played slowly and teach her how to play.=) Fun!we played just a few round and we stopped and watch Bad Boys.

They went to Yeow Xin house to watch Ghost stories,I wanted to go but my mum didin't let me go so I just have to stay at home.I had fun with my friends and I love my friends lots=)

Today is just another day and they went to sunway pyramid but I didn't want to go ,I'm lazy and I refuse to go .Anyway,I'll have another steamboat party tonight with my neighbours.I love my mum's tom yam soup=) Love it lots.

Thanks mum!I love you.
I want to take a nap now so later I could help out .

Saturday, November 14, 2009
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
The war

As I promise,this post is actually about Kalye Wong and Nareen Nair.

During recess time,we(Me,Kalye,Lok Yeow and May Poh) bought our food and went to my favourite post(tiang) and stood there eating.Then there came Nareen my classmate,a very nice but at times annoying person and he really follows the rules/law.

He came and told Lok Yeow that she wasn't allowed to use a white colour rubberband to tie her hair and wanted her to take it off and buy from him a black one and she couldn't even borrow from others.Well,Kalye told him that it was her first time and he should just let her change the next day but Nareen said "NO" and Kalye was getting alittle angry and started to quarell with him.



She said:"Aiya,this is her first time ma ,let her la..tomorrow she will change lo"

He said:"Cannot,must change now"

She said:"Aiyo who say cannot wear white colour rubberband"*Look around* She saw Jing Min and called her.

She said:" Jing Min cannot wear White coulour rubberband meh?"

Jing Min said:" *smiles* actually cannot.

She looked at Nareen again and say :" Aiya,give her a chance la.."

He said:" Cannot,I already ask Pn.Joginder and she also say cannot."

She said:" The book for secondary school about rules got say cannot wear meh?You see before in the book or not?"

He said:" Yes,I read the whole book already."


She said:"Ok lo..I give her mine lo.Tomorrow she will change.

He said:"Cannot ,after she won't change.she must change now."

She :"*getting mad*Why you like that one?" and walk off.

Nareen Won!

Obviously,Kalye couldn't fight with him =) Well,Nareen you have to learn how to give people a chance.

Kalye, =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yeah,Its not an infection or disease and its actually a allergic.

Doctor says that I am actually very sensitive to everything.Well,as some people know that I am allergic to colouring.Now,doctor says that maybe it is because of the construction near my house and school that causes me to have this allergic.He says that if it continues after all this construction and renovation ends that probably I'll have to do a skin test.Meanwhile,I'll have to cut down intake of "poisonous" food such as seafood,belacan and my sayang LAKSA!!!>.<

Darn,this is not good!My hands and legs are full of red spots and its ugly.I really hope that this will be over!!Have to take medicine and apply cream.Having bio and Phys tuition later.Anyway,Mama Jo's retirement is like in another 3 days,looking forward !!

Kalye doesn't like doraemon and i don't like Kalye too!>.< Doraemon is so cute and she say its ugly and she hates it!!So bad la...=P

i promise to post about the war between XXX and XXX .Soon to come.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Friday, November 6, 2009
The 2nd

Hey...I just want to tell everybody about something.
PPS created a blog and the blog link is http://www.ppssmktbm.blogspot.com/.

It is not totally updated,till now there is only one post but there will be more post coming up.


Friday, November 06, 2009
Thursday, November 5, 2009
Smile to the whole world!

What a day,have been walking around the school today.

Went to school today with kalye.Once we reach school we went to the media room to put somethings there and went back to queue up.After assembly,went back to class and went back to media room to take the books and present.We gave the cake to Jing yong and wished him happy birthday!(another year older,Happy 17!)Pn.Sugitha came in and Pn Tehn came and told us that we have to change to 3A's class.May Kei came to my class and wanted Kalye,Yew Juan and me to go down.At last,out of the boring class...

Oh my..What a day..Have been walking here and there the whole day helping teacher.So tiring,Pn Goh wanted me to go to her car to take shoes ,then En Tham wanted me to go to Teacher's room to give En Caleb some document,helped Pn Hamidah to transfer stuff,Practice song.Not only that, have to practice for the Farewell party for Form 5 PPS.

During the meeting,I was totally nervous because Pn Joginder was there too!Omg and I'm hosting...So embarassing...Anyway,I want to say CONGRATULATIONS ,to all the PPS that worked hard for this Farewell Party!It is really sucessful!CHEERS!!!I ate alot,nice food,nice video and nice games.I really enjoyed everything and had lots of fun!I packed food back home!wahaha..so full..and tired!


Thursday, November 05, 2009
Monday, November 2, 2009
back to blogging

Ok,I've stop blogging for quite sometime..so I'm back and I'll promise to update it ,ok?

Well,I've been eating a lot these few weeks.Almost everyday I'll bring Cheese or Butter with bread to school and after eating I'll buy canteen food .Oh My..I've gained weight...If this continues I won't be able to wear my school skirt.

My hands and legs are full of red dots ,some people think I'm having chicken pox but chicken pox was last year and this is actually infection and my hands and legs are so UGLY and itchy..seen the doctor .currently taking medicine and I hope it doesn't gives me anymore trouble.Very annoying!!

Mama Jo is leaving on the 13th of Nov which falls on a friday,FRIDAY THE 13!!OMG!Btw,today Mama Jo walk along the corridor near my class today quite often and was always looking in to our class,so scary la.

Kalye didn't come to school today,PONTENG..*tsktsktsk* naughty!Well,we played mastermind..Kok Kuan Kok Kuan cannot solve it..poor Kok Kuan..haha..I slept in calss after eating the medicine aiyer...luckily didn't kena tangkap by Mama Jo.Yit How bocor the sceret to his Gf himself I didn't plan to tell his gf but stupid la him...

Jing Yong,Poh Kim,Xue ren and my mum's birthday is just around the corner...Jing Yong wants me to buy him a BIG present! Don't want,but he says he'll buy me a new school bag next year..I said HAAR?next year arr...cannot Christmas meh? xD He smiled and say see la..

New Moon Coming out...Sze Mei says that we should go out together to watch!Ok lo..I hope to go out with them too!=)



P.s//Next post-The war xD
Monday, November 02, 2009