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Friday, August 21, 2009

Emily:"your blog hor...your blog hor..."
Me:"*smiles at her* hehe..I know it is so dead."

Kalye:"Ting,you very long never update your blog already hor..."
Me:"*smiles at her* yes,yes..I know"

So,to stop them from asking me,I've decided to update it!Well,its almost 3 months I left it and its time to write something.

Where should I start?Ok,Let's start with the trip to Australia.


I've never ever went to any country furthur than Singapore or even Thailand and it is my first time ever going to Australia.It is also somewhere I wanted to go long ago and my dream came true,Thanks to my parents!I enjoyed everything there except for the COLD weather.It was too cold for me,I couldn't stand the wind too.But..but..the food,places and everything are good!

I've got to say that Tasmania is a very nice place.If you've got to chance to travel,go to tasmania.Its like Penang but way bigger and its almost 1 hour away from Melbourne.We went there by air,and when I got down from the plane,I realized that its so much colder than Melbourne.

We stayed in Tasmania for 1 week and thanks to Aunt Suzie and Uncle Chris for being our tour guide bringing us around,They are lovely!After 1 week in Tasmania,we flew back to Melbourne and stayed for another 4 day.We went shopping and had a wonderful time there.


Sweet 16

On the 24th of July,I became 16!(isn't it great =D)
12a.m. , my mum ask me to go to her room and she handed me a present and wished me Happy birthday!Early in the morning,dad wished me and send me to school. In school,Chee Kuan and Emily wished me!haha..Emily forgot that it was my birthday!Oh oh,before mum Kalye was the first one to wish me!=) I was shocked when I found out that Yit How and others bought me a cake and it was my favourite blueberry cheesecake!Hearts Them! Well,lots of people wished me Happy Birthday!^^~ Thanks to all those who wished me and those who gave me present!

Leadership Camp

I went for this leadership camp together with my friends.Woke up early and prepared myself .I checked my bag before I moved off.On the way ,saw Jia Yang walking there and mum stopped by the side and I shouted:"JIA YANG." He saw me and ran,haha..he looked funny!reached there and waited ,went up the bus and all the way we were chit chatting,listening to songs and of course taking pictures!Once we reached there we were dived into groups,well we weren't enjoying marching under the hot sun.Well,I like when we did the CHICKEN DANCE!!haha...It was funny...Anyway,it was tiring because we were doing all kinds of activities all day long.Until 12.30 we reached back 'home' and one by one we took our bath.After that,I slept and the next morning was also quite a tiring day and my face was very red .We went home about 3 something,and arrived in school about 6.30.I went home,took my bath and I started packing clothes.After parents came home,I had my dinner and straight away I went to bed.I was totally exhausted!

I'm done with all the previous activities.Will be updating more,=)

I've updated my blog!!

Friday, August 21, 2009