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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I took this picture because I was bored!

Well, I wanted to post blogs everyday but then I'm busy.I was busy doing some things which I actually can't remember.Anyway,I went to Ipoh and then dad said wanted to bring us somewhere near and nice scenery there!I was so relunctant to go with them but end up I still got to go with them.There are some pictures,it ain nice but I like the scenery.

I went to a wedding dinner on sunday night in Ipoh.It was my dad's cousin's daughter's wedding dinner.It was ok.My relatives tells my mum said the same old things.Here it goes:"Aiya,your daughter ah?aiyoyo so big already a?very pretty lo =.= ". " Wah 15 years old already,this year PMR wo..How is PMR?" the same old questions!
Still, I'm happy because i had fun with them.That day itself,me and my cousin watch a ghost movie and it freak me out .I was shouting and I asked my cousin whether is he afraid he say o but I shouted too loud and scare him.

Anyway,A few pictures=)

I edited it myself even though I know its not nice.Ignore it.

See,I knocked my leg and it turn purple.

*hee* another pic

I like the scenery.

Me and my *mwahh* mummy!

A boat just passed by .

Monkaay!My best friend

Another pic

Look at the sky and the cloud!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Thursday, October 23, 2008
Its a very Nice& Happy Day.

Well,for today we wanted to give the Form 5's PPS a suprise Majlis Perpisahan and it actually ended up not that suprising but but some of them cried some of them try NOT to cry infront us (who knows they go home and cry like a baby) We ahd a sketch and I was in it.It was funny and my hair was a mess because of one of the part. Later on,We girls sang the song 'Shining Friends' .Some of the girls cried and "aww". Maykei sang together with Siew yee 'Tong Hua' and it was actually kind of touching. Actually that time my mood wasn't that good after I saw somethings that made me sad. After all the performance it was FOOOD TIME.

We had to serve others even the juniors and ended up we left we nothing but luckily there were still a few pieces of chicken from KFC left for us to eat later. The Form 5's cut the cake and they ate the cake first while we could just look at it. After all the juniors left because they had nothing to do, we get to eat the cake and I actully didn't have my own cake but they gave me a few mouth and I started with the Idea to play with the cream and I myself ended up being dirty.My face was full of cream and my hair too. When I went down to wash up ,I saw two prefects looking at me.I laughed.=P

Anyway,after all this playing we get to eat the chicken,well we all didn't get to eat much actually so we ate just a piece each and then we drank orange juice and it wasn't unfair cause others get to drink PEPSI.Nevermind.

We took pictures which I'll try to update it if I get the pictures.Then we clear up everything and we joke around .Then ,oh gosh,it was already 4 so we went home. I guess thats all.i'm going to Ipoh later because there will be a wedding dinner tomorrow night.

Vanessa went to BALI!!! She better buy me something if not *ngek ngek ngek!*
I actually had a great time today.Plus I'm trying to forget the bad stuff.

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Monday, October 20, 2008
Skip skip.

I skip school today.Of cause I asked my father's permission to allow me not to go to school and for the first time he said YES. So,I woke up 9 something today and on the computer ,downloding some stuff.Mum wants me to iron the clothes because there is a stack of clothes that needs to be iron.

Tomorrow I'll be going to school cause after school I still got to go for duty. for the first time ever I skip school not because I'm sick or whatever but just because I don't want to go to school.I've always been a good girl and I was go to school.Today is special!

Well,I guess I want to watch HSM 3 with my friends. I want to go and watch movie plus I haven't been going out with my friends for a long time.

                  

Things That I've Been Thinking Lately.J

Well,after PMR everybody is really happy including me.Lots of relatives and friends asked me the same question before PMR:"So, Are you prepared for PMR" and my same answer to all of them will be"Ok Lah."During PMR,They will ask another question "How's Your exam?Is it hard?" and I'll answer them"Ok lah".Still,After PMR They'll ask me "So, How's PMR?PMR over already What's your next plan?How many A's you think you can get?" and of course I'm polite and patient enough to answer them back with the answer"Ok lah,Don't no wor.I also don't know how many A's I can get."

Now,I've got to get ready stuff to go to a place like a camp for 9 days and I guess it would be terrible.i don't want to go but I'm force to.I've got to get ready stuff like long sleeve sports shoes and more.It would be a disaster if I don't get things prepared.

Not only that,next year's chinese new year I won't be in Malaysia cause parents decided to bring my brothers to go to Bangkok for a holiday since they haven't been there.If I go this time it would be my third time and Oh gosh,can I go some where else or let me collect Angpaos? Nevermind,I guess I can't do anything for now cause they have book the tickets.

Lately, my room is so untidy and I promise I'm going to tidy it up and I also promise mum to bak cake for her.I won't break my promise.Of course,I also thought of going out with friends and I'll be waiting for Sandy to finish her exam then we can go to minum-minum .

I guess there is 3 more weeks till school is finish and then SPM for the form 5's . I wish all Form 4 students Good Luck.After that will be Form 1 and 2's ,I guess? ALL GOOD LUCK!

Oh,Vicky,Poe Kay,Vanessa and Navjit.Sorry because I haven't been talking to you all lately. I talk to you guys when I'm free in school. *hugs* I feel like I've a lot fo things to think but I don't know what is it all about.I feel so confuse.

P.s//I'll update my blog every day if I can ,Ok vanessa? ready for exam?

That's all for now.



Monday, October 20, 2008

*dum ta dum ta dum*
Today,I'm kind of in a good mood.Well well,today all the books I've return it and holiday is so so near.I guess another 2 weeks to go?I guess I wouldn't have much time during the long holiday because of some things going on.

Well,today the teacher told us that we couldn't bring uno or anything that has numbers .She said 'you all can play HAPPY FAMILY'. HAH! We?play happy family?no way!!!Well,after that the teacher said that they have plans for us this 9 days.

Tomorrow will be a game about teamwork or something like that.Then on wednesday is a talk on IT.Well,that would be boring. And so on..They even said that there will be a trip to either KLCC ,KL tower,and 2 more places which I forgot.

Anyway,Good luck to for fours who are having their exams starting from today.All the best. I'm free and I've got nothing to do.

Monday, October 20, 2008
Saturday, October 18, 2008
We love each other.

Today is the first day after PMR end and I guess I'm going to enjoy!This morning went for badminton with Min Hua and Kalye and some other guys.We saw other friends there too.
I played badminton half way and went outside to eat.Well ,I know,I'm suppose to exercise instead of eating.I can't resist!Later on we took turn to play and we played for 2 hours.

After that We went back to my house and my mum cooked spaghetti for us and yum yum .We finish all. We finish everything and then wash up all the things and went out to the living room to chit chat.We laugh and laugh and we enjoyed talking.Later I showed them somethings on the computer and we still continued laughing.

After 15 minutes we went downstairs and chat again and we still continued laughing.Wait,we are not crazy!We just want to have fun.Talking was fun,we shared lots of things.We talk and talk and we were talking about having a chef as a husband would be great,cause they could cook for us delicious meals!

Guess what,We talked from 11.30 till 5 and we didn't even feel bored.Kalye wanted a pillow fight but I guess she was totally crazy. We had fun and more fun. Not only that we didn't take our bath after the badminton.Oh well,I know we were smelly taufu,but we enjoyed ourselves.

Anyway,this monday i'm going to give back all the books to the school and yeah! no more books!

P.S// Ok,Call me teacher=) *teehee*
Saturday, October 18, 2008
Friday, October 17, 2008
Its all over.

PMR is over.After the last paper we all were very happy! Well,but for me I felt happy + a little of sadness.Why?Well,even though PMR is over,I still have to wait for the result and I don't really know what results will I get and can I really get good results?I've no idea,and still there is more to go after PMR.I guess maybe I really think too much!My heart just don't feel well.

For now,I will just play,smile and do everything happily . I'll just take a break!Oh ya,eh Vanessa,ask me la!Maths only,no problem!I'll help you. *heehee* I jadi your teacher!

This coming monday,I'll give back all the books to school and its my holiday! Oh,Oh,SANDY!!!We can go out to drink coffee!Ok,anyway I've got some problems I've got to deal.By the way,Next week High School Musical 3 will be out soon!i guess I want to go and watch since I haven't been watching movie for a long time.

Ok,for now that's all!

Friday, October 17, 2008
Shout it out loud!

I'm very happy!
Friday, October 17, 2008
Monday, October 6, 2008
My last few wishes.

Another 7 days.I'm nervous and afraid.

Today was like the first day of school for me after 2 weeks of holiday,well it actually didn't turn out well because of a few reasons which I'm not going to tell .Ask me personally if you really want to know.

Lastly,I'm trying to let it go andI just hope everything will be fine.

Wishes for now will be:

  • Getting 8 A's or maybe more than 6 A's
  • That few problem will not be there anymore
  • Everything turns out well so I don't need to be sad.



Monday, October 06, 2008