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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vanessa,class sick ehh?okok..class sick.=D

I won't be going to school until next next week.Actually is not long,cause next week is a holiday so only this week I won't be going. She misses me =DD I love her.

Well,I'm still can't go to school but I manage to go ,but it was just the market.Still,I can't even get out of the car,mum says if I pass the virus to a baby it would be very dangerous. *boo*

Yesterday night I had a funny dream,but it was sweet too=) Mum says I dream too much!What's wrong with dreaming?

Okay,I've a few more weeks till PMR.Wish me luck!I hope I do it!After PMR,I still have lots more things to do. *pfft*

Anyway,hope everything goes well..=)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Monday, September 22, 2008

I want to go to school,I guess I've got school sick .Ok,I don't know whether is it same as home sick,but I want to go to school.Its weird though cause sometimes when we are in school we prefer not to go to school but when we are not in school we want to go to school.I mean when you have nothing to do and all your friends are in school and your at home .What can you do?shopping?I can't even step out of the house !study?yes i do study but I want to talk to somebody instead of me talking to myself!

I really hope my mum let me go back to school tomorrow.I really want to go back school.Anyway,how's everything in school?I think I'm like the crazy people in tanjung rambutan.I've been shouting the whole night yesterday.

Lalalalala...I'm super bored!study,study,study... *gaah* I guess I've got mental problem.
Oh ya,mum says I'm old.I tend to forget everything she ask me to take.She says I'm older than her=P

Monday, September 22, 2008

No wayy!!!
I'm going crazy staying at home!!
Monday, September 22, 2008
What's Going On?

I can't go out of the house,so,I just wanted to know what's going out there?anything special happening besides the australians are coming to our school?

Well,I'm freaking bored and I actually teng to go to school tomorrow but mum says tonight she's taking me to see the doctor and I hope the doctor days she allows me to go to school!Wish me luck!
I'm actually studying and it seems to be a funny thing instead of me sleeping. *teehee* Wait,let me get things straight!I'm not LAZY and that is not why I'm not going to school! Gosh,these days people just can't understand english or even chinese.Its a waste of time speaking to them.

I'm curious about everything!Mum says she hope the doctor says I can go to school cause she says I'm very noisy!=P I'm not noisy actually I just want to ask about everything! *blek* i miss all of them ,I can't see them and I don't like it!I can't bully the guy next to me and that ain't fun!BOO!

Monday, September 22, 2008
Friday, September 19, 2008

Its the second blog for the day.

Wait,I thought I choose to call you dancing elephant not sweaty elephant? *gaah* Nvm!DON"T CALL ME MISS SKINNY CHICKEN POX! *sob**eewww*

Well,just now Kalye called me.I miss her voice she talked to me and I miss her!Anyway,I feel embarrass but still I would want to say that :I haven't been to pavilion at all since it was open till now and it drives me crazy whenever there is things going on and I can't get to go there!Darn,ain't my luck!I told Kalye one day we should go to Desa Park City and see whether we are in luck to see Daphne Iking!Well,she laughed!=.=

Oi(=P) ,dancing pig /sweaty pig!Wish you luck in your ballet exam!better do your best or else I'll cut your leg and you can't dance anymore XP jkjk,Just hope you can pass ,okie?promise?

I'm so frustrated over a few things and its going to take a long time do deal with all this things!Well, exam will be in another 24 days ,I guess .Well,it seems that I'm a little nervous about it,and that not going to be a good thing.

Ok,I've promise myself that I can stay online as long as I really start doing my revison.=)

Friday, September 19, 2008
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Just a little more.

Well well,I'm BORED!!!I have to drink so much water that my tummy is full of water and I can't eat this and that.It sucks!

I miss all of my friends!I want to go back to school!! *gaah* I hate it.I've been babbling to my mother on the phone,when she's washing,doing her stuff and even when she's sleeping!She says I'm to talkative that's why the virus went into my mouth and that's how I got chicken pox.That is totally ridiculous!If everyone opens their mouth why don't I see others having chicken pox,I mean those who haven't got chicken pox.Its so unfair! *hmmp*

She..she..called me MISS!I know I'm young=).Well, I miss you too my sweaty elephant!you know what I 've got a name for you since you call me skinny chicken,I'll call you dancing elephant,well I've no idea how that got into my mind but I guess I'll love calling you that,I guess?

Anyway,I'm bored,bored,bored,bored,bored!!Help me,mummy says that maybe I can go to school on monday!yeah!I'm so happy,but wait!my face,so ugly cannot let people see me.=.=

For every disappointment,
For the times you are let down,
There will be a better moment,
And your life will turn around.
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
I feel so...

I'm having chicken pox and doctor says I can't go to school for at least 1 week!I can't break the record.What record?This record I'm talking about is going to school for the whole year!I can't break it..yeah!maybe I'm stupid to go school the whole year I just want to try getting the cert but I guess I can't!I'm so sad,not able to go to school and PMR is like 26 more days and minus the days I'll be at home will be like 19 more days!I feel so angry,dumb and sad!
I'm angry because I don't know who the hell spread it to me!I feel dumb because I'm dumb!I feel sad cause I can't break the record!I can't stop thinking that I can't believe I can't break the record just a few more days left.Few more days mean till PMR's over and holiday will be nearer and I could have get the cert!now,everything is like a piece of broken glass!
To Vanessa my darling:Good luck in your ballet!And remember to belanja me! XD
I feel so SAD SAD SAD!I know i've been repeating non-stop but I can't stop thinking bout it! *sigh*
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh,see that date!yup,yesterday was mooncake festival.I was in Ipoh celebrating with my granny.Morning,I went to the temple to helped out.Later on washing here and there made me wet myself.It was ok.Anyway,later on mum's friend said want to bring us somewhere to eat nice food,but it wasn't open but I remeber nearby there was a ice cream shop and I guess it is very popular cause I saw a lot of people going there the other day.So,she brought me there and I ordered tutti frutti .I'm telling you,I was in HEAVEN! It was very nice and the first time ever i ate lime ice cream,well it was really nice.I love it!

After that,I went home and took my bath and then had steamboat with all my cousins.I was so clumsy when one of my cousin was trying to make me feel hungry and I laid back and knock my head against the wall!!Ouch!till now it is till very painful.After all the eating and chit chatting,off we left back to KL.

Came back and it was about 10.00p.m. took my bath and pack some stuff .I wasn't feeling that well so I went to bed early.

About 3 something at night,I cried and woke my mum up,mum says I was having bad dreams.Luckily I told my mum to sleep with me yesterday.I was also having a very very bad headache and fever too.Mum gave me my medicine from the doctor i took last week and after eating I tried to sleep .I cover myself using 2 blankets and pillows covering me .

This morning I was feeling much better but still I was having slight fever but I still went to school.I'm a good girl. =)

Today,things that happened today wasn't that bad but it wasn't that good too.Still,I skip my extra class for my history today to come back and rest.Now after writing this I guess I really got to rest.

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Last week.

Ok,Let me start about what happen last week that I think it was interesting.Well,maybe is not that interesting but Let me just crap it all out.

Last thursday,1st 3 periods was PJK . I love it cause now we got 3 periods of PJK and it rocks!Well,few of us went walking around the field and when we came back,Mr.Tan ask us whether we wanted to play football.We all were like'haha,no thanks,it will be very embarrasing la teacher!'Then teacher say'its ok,don't worry.Wait i bring you all a ball first'.

Then we went to the other side of the field so that not many people can see us playing plus there were too many people.Later,we started kicking around,slowly slowly kicking here and there and I almost got knocked down by the ball when one of them kicked too hard.Anyway,later on we stop playing and gave back the ball and we went to the middle of the filed and sat down even the grass was wet.We sat down and started chit chatting.We were singing childish songs like old mc donald had a farm,london bridge and so on.It was funy chit chatting for almost 1 and a half period doing nothing just chatting.

That day was kind of fun.
*gaah* nothing much anymore.

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!~
~Ka Lye~
~Lok Yeow~
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Friday, September 5, 2008
What the...=)

Friday,it wasn't the fri-sad mode .That was good but it turns out to be a fri-sick mode.
Well,yesterday I was already a little ill but I still did what I like to do eat cold food and slept late and more.So,this morning,I was like Oh o,I think I'm sick but I still went to school.Went to school and I was feeling very warm ok maybe more than warm and ask my friend to check whether I was sick or not?Some say yes some say no.At last,after school I went to the toilet and a few of my friend says I look a little pale.I didn't really bother about it till I went for meeting and I was feeling freaking cold and my hand was freezing.I was also very dizzy that I felt like fainting,I straight away walk out of the library and went to media room to rest.I was feeling better and my hand wasn't cold anymore.I was standing outside till Siew Yee came and ask why I didn't go for meeting and she look at me and ask:You feel dizzy again ,don't you?go sit down and rest.I replied and said I was going to be fine by standing outside for a moment and I thought I could really stand upright till I felt like fainting again.Later,I went with Sweet Yee to the canteen for lunch and I ate curry noodles+the chili sos.After eating,I thought I was better but then...after 2.30p.m. I started to feel bad again and try to calm myself down by walking around.Then I ask Siew Yee to buy cold water for me and drank.I went home and I was getting worse.I rest and ate 2 tablets for flu and rest.I skip tuition and when my dad came home he brought me to the clinic .

Then,I told doctor I wasn't feeling well and so on.Then doctor says:"you cannot eat cold food anymore,your having a very very bad soarethroat and no more watermelons,oranges and cold drinks of cause!" I was like,WHAT?no watermelons?omg yesterday I ate alot I really mean alot and I there is still more at home,I want to eat!!!Doctor continues:"you also cannot eat oily stuff,curry,fried stuff."Then I was like WHAT??!!!now no more curry,OMG!all the food I love!!Then I told her:doctor,sometimes I feel dizzy for no reason.She checked me and said:you are very very weak.You are lack of iron and blood.I'll give you a month of iron tablets and others too.You don't stress yourself too much cause your exams are coming too."I said:"OK."

That OK wasn't OK after all!I can't eat all the lovely food,i think I'm going to survive eating porridge and bread everyday.I'm so lucky ain't I? *gaah*

Now,I'll be a good girl and do as what the doctor ask me too. See,I'm a good girl *smiles* ,but still I can't believe I'm lack of blood!woah! That's kind of cool.

By the way,I've got 11 bites today in the hall + 4 more when I was chit chatting with Navjit and Sandy.One of my friend said:"yerr,you didn't take your bath leh,that's why all the mosquito bite you."That isn't true,I take my baht every single day no matter how tired I am!Then another friend says:"you blood so sweet,who ask you always eat sweet food."So what if I do always eat sweet food,It doesn't matter and it isn't relevant! Another want says:"mosquito likes you a lot I guess."I don't like mosquitos!nobosy does!Its dangerous!

Anyway,tomorrow I'm still going to school no matter what!I'm a good girl! =)

Friday, September 05, 2008
Thursday, September 4, 2008
Dear or deer?

Today,3 classes went for PJ together and my friend said:It looks like we are all in jail and we were set free to go for a morning exercise,you see,all wearing school T-shirt.We laughed so loud teacher ash us to lower down our voices.Ok,I know we are so lame.Later on it was B.M and I was starting to get frustrated by those stupid fat mosquito.they bite me and I've got all together 9 bites on my legs and hands.We started to catch mosquito instead of studying and at last, BAAM!I got 1,but that wasn't the fat 1 but still we got 1 who bite anyone of us.I was trying not to scratch my leg but I can't stand it and started scratching.Anyway,after recess time it started to rain and it rain heavily.We were hoping for it to rain till I reach home so I can play under the rain.I LOVE RAIN.I mean rain as in rain not the korean star rain.Well,it didn't rain heavily as I wanted it to but still it was raining.Now,I'm sick and I'm still *aaachoooo*sneezing non-stop.

I hope tomorrow will be a wonderful day for me + I hope whatever I want will happen tomorrow and make me smile instead of my every fri-sad mode.

Nothing much actually,I just wanted to say *booya* Love.

I just wanted to say "remember,I'm an angel!=D


Look at the stars look how they shine for you.
Thursday, September 04, 2008
Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I nake beritahu kamu! I bukan hantu!I'm an angel XD hehe..don't worry..I'm not angry . i thought you were angry with me and and..I guess its ok!you don't have to say sorry,you make me feel guilty. *sob* anyway,I love you.Why should I get angry when you did nothing wrong?haha..don't dare to come near me?nevermind le..its okie=)

Anyway,today my friend says I came out from tanjung rambutan to go for meeting and I'll be going back later.She said she want to start a group call PTR-Persatuan Tanjung Rambutan.I'll be the president.She's so bad!I don't want to be the president I'm not crazy!I just want to laugh to forget sad stuff!Its ok,she doesn't understand.Kalye told me something funny!haha..your not scary to me,don't worry!
Today,bengkel day number 2!kind of boring but still its all for our own good=)duty time or maybe its not call duty cause I went there to write myname and started to do my own things after that went to the library to chit chat with my friends and off I came home with them.Came home and OH MY GOD!!!some of the baby fishes are dead!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008