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Sunday, August 31, 2008
I'm going to crap=)


well,I guess I would like to crap where I think my heart is bleeding and I'm having a few problems that I can't solve it only after PMR. *gaah* I think I would love to take my heart out give it some spa, wash it , polish it only then I'll be putting it back. *crap* Since all I must care now is EXAMS which will be comin soon,I would love to put this things aside by writting it in my blog like I've done it so I wouldn't need to remember it and go crazy about all this stuff.I'll just rest myself or maybe cry a little then *shooo* off you stay aside till my exams over.Its a deal between me and my heart and my soul.Ok,maybe it sin't that serious.I'm so weird cause even if I sad I'll just smile and hide aside to cry when nobody's looking.If your going to ask me:ting,are you ok?I'll just answer you:I'm totally fine!which it isn't true cause I'm confused! don't ask me what happen?I've no idea ,I just know that there is too much to think but I don't even know what to think! WEIRDO! Ok,I'll stop crapping .I'll crap more next time.


Where will my destiny lead me
Sunday, August 31, 2008
Thursday, August 28, 2008

She cares me now.hah!maybe I was being too sensitive which I guess I am!
This morning went to school,bell rang,went in class!FREEZING COLD! my friend says because I'm so skinny that's why I'm cold and he says that if it was a windy day I would be blown away like a balloon.His so bad.Later on,teacher ask us to go to library.We sat down and then we did our revision.After a few minutes we started chit chatting,My friend said:you 3 girls are PPS your suppose to ask your friend to study but you guys chit chat with them and you guys are so noisy what a lousy PPS you guys are! We looked at him and stared at him till he went away to join his friends.We chit chat all about our dreams.Its was funny when we talk about we have those scary dreams about ghost wanted to take us away,crashed by lorries and lots more.Then we started to talk about the girl who died when she was playing space shot due to her long her which got untangled with the machine or something like that in genting theme park.bell rang and we went back to class.Chinese time and teacher was discussing about the exam paper and we were laughing when she read one of our friend's essay.It was to hillarious and stupid.Hmm...during Bm class,as usual we did nothing and started chit chatting again till I came back from the toilet with Mak Kit Teng and Kalye started telling us something that we screamed!I mean she already did it to our other girl-friends and they shouted too,we were the last 2 people who she haven't tell us.Teacher said:ehh,what's wrong with you girls shouting?do your revision.We looked at each other and started laughing.Best time of all.,RECESS TIME!Then back to the class and was Geo.Nah,didn't bother to listen and started to chit chat again.This time my friend had this stupid thinking that I hold hands with him and be his girlfriend.No way,his crazy!After school,Kalye rush me and we walked very fast and her mum fetch me home . Went home,was lazy to cook and I just ate Maggi Mee.Slept,woke up,went to take my passport.Later dad and his friend went to buy some stuff in PJ.Wanted to fetch mummy from work but was stuck in the traffic like for 2 hours!Wthack!It was so stupid!Fetch mum,went for banana leaf rice and headed home.I went home and started shouting around for nothing and mum says I'm noisy ! *teehee* .
Now,I have to deal with my PPS file which I need it by tomorrow.I think I'll be awake till midnight!

To Vanessa:
Great,now everything is alright and I'm happy for you.I love you.Please don't get angry with me ?

To Sandy:
Don't worry I guess everything is back to normal like before.I'm not gay!greeting other by saying morning is a very polite way but my friends thinks I'm crazy! *gaaahh* See ,I am too special!you feel happier when you think about me.I'm so happy!

Ok,I know I'm crapping tooo much but I feel like crapping cause I just came out from Hospital Tanjung Rambutan.Smiles


I will always love you guys no matter what!
Thursday, August 28, 2008
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To my beloved fat dog:
Bingo,I'm so emo right now. *sigh* I've no idea what am I suppose to do.Life changes every second.
By the way,maybe bad feng shui is rushing towards me?
I'm just being so sarcarstic right?Anyway,I'm not a skinny chicken.=]
You can call me>>seahorse,old woman,show show body,crazy girl,goreng pisang/pisang goreng,owl,fatty.
*hahaa* I've too many names for you to call.

I just realise something.
I've got blueblacks all over my body and I ain't know why I've got all this blueblacks.Maybe I hit on something but I'm always so blur that I can' remember.Ok,its funny.
Just now I realise i lost my pen till I remember I've put it in the fridge when I was taking the juice . *arghhh* *pfffttt* Anyway,2 blogs for the day.=)
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Sunday, August 24, 2008

Arghh!I'm having such a bad headache.Anyway,yesterday was fun!well,sandy the gayy person was sitting next to me and and she's so hot *teehee* We were talking talking and talking. P.s//She's talkative.Xp
Lotsa of fun,well we look like OL.haha,funny!Kalye was so cute i wanted to pinched her.All the speeches went on and on and the part where all of us stands up and roar!entertainments was nice,especially the what we call that? (no idea) We were looking forward to FOOD=) Had food,and we took photos and and then went home.I hate that bus,it sucks..we were like in sauna,hot !
went home,took bath and went to max valu.went to starbucks and sandy was being so gay and childish but she says I'm the one who is childish!Your so wrong ,sandy!
later on we walk and talk.went to big apples^^~ ate and then we went home.I slept while the Tv was watching me sleeping.Then when I woke up suddenly bridget was at my hse using the comp.She another Sandy's gay partner=)
We ate spaghetti and I started to bake cake but this time it didn't turn out so well as I expected.But still,mum says is still nice *weeeeeee* watch Tv.Slept .

Woke up bout 11 something.Ate my branch.Went to mum's friend house chit chat.She gave me a nice bracelet from I don't know where but she says from a place call Little dog?? (no idea) It was raining went back home,push the clothes in and went to pick up my new school skirts and went to max valu . bought some stuff that my mum needed and I wanted to buy big apples donut but mum says NO.=( Aiks. Back home,now using the comp later going to pack bag,and sleep and eat and sleep=)

To Sandy: I'm not childish at times.by the way,Smiles=) Think Postive, shoooo off those stupid negative thinking.

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Friday, August 22, 2008

Holidays is almost going to finish and countdown till PMr will be I guess 52 days?
Hmm..Tomorrow is LEO joint installation.
Anyway,This few days I've been eating,sleeping,eating and sleeping=)
Nothing much except the decorating file thing.
That day went badminton with my friends and talking bout that
That was a very stupid day.Ok let me start where we were walking to the badminton court.
I meet up with Min hua and went to Xue Ren's hse to meet up Sweet Yee.After that,Off we went to Start Plus.We were chatting,laughing all the way till......
Min Hua shouted and then Sweet Yee and me were shocked cause we didn't know what happen(I was still blur) She told me:ting,don't look down,step back and move away but I was simply curious + I felt something near my leg and I look down! I shouted so loud,Then sweey yee shouted too.We were 3 crazy girls. It was a dead rat and lots of flies around it!
All I can say is GROSS!!
Then we played and played till times up we went home.
After that,i was just chit chatting and playing around.
Today I've got tuition+ it was raining.
haha..and today my mummy let me order mc donald for dinner=)
anyway got to go=)


Friday, August 22, 2008
Friday, August 15, 2008
Its holiday.


Its hols,Oh yeah! I've got a list to do during holidays!
1st cut my stupid ugly looking hair!
2nd get my skirt done!
3rd still looking for black &white shirt for LEO installation!
4th sleep!
5th eat!
6th get my PPS file done up!
7th study a little
8th go crazy
9th play
10th bake cake
11th .....
can't remember now but I've got to do all this in 1 week or maybe less than 1 week!
Gosh, 58 more days till I die PMR!
Ok,after PMR i should be happy but but my parents la..spoil my holiday by sending me to this stupid place !arghh!!everytime I think about it i go crazy!
anyway,I've not been talking to the following person for quite a long time (chit chatting):
Miss you guys Lots!

Want to talk to you all=(

Okay,till then bye.

Friday, August 15, 2008