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Sunday, July 27, 2008
Freaking tired~

Yup,I'm Freaking tired.Why?
Cause I went for a seminar in KDU KBU about PMR.Well,woke up about 6 something got myself ready and waited for a friend,and then fetch a friend ten we moved off to KBU. Reached there,waited for about 10 minutes till we went and register.Got our free T-shirt,changed and we went into the hall.
WAITED for ages,OK maybe not that long but waited for about more than half an hour only it started. It started with a speech from Perfection chairman who was indeed funny and he did a lot of gay acts which I considered a little stupid.Then blessing from all kinds of religious people.
It started with science and It was Kind of funny and the teacher's hair was cool=).But he is so pathetic talking about some stuff that I think i wouldn't want to mention.After that,Lunch break which I was looking forward to till the food I took wasn't nice after all.I bought snack after that to bite.Went back in to the hall,and came a teacher who was kind of so called 'high' and started to shout and did a lot of stupid things but MKT thinks he is cute.Maybe he is and maybe not.Ok,moving on will be this teacher who is teaching English but we don't know what the hack is he teaching. Skip, aha! B.M teacher!He is freaking cool and he is really good. No joke,the way he teach we like it + I love the dirty tricks he teached us. That was even more cooler than i thought!
Aw,you think this seminar was for a short period of time? Oh no, You are definitely wrong, it lasted for almost 9 hours from 8 to 5. Ain't that long ? I've been going to school for 6 days + this i count it as 7 days and that's a week. Next week will be Hari KO-KO, and I've to attend to be on duty for PBSM. Ok, What else,Oh,Wishing Kukgan or however you spell your name a Happy Birthday and you still owe me MC Donald=) Voon Yuen Zhi ,you owe me too.^^

Well,Tomorrow's monday and it means schooling day again and that's sickening because I haven't been sleeping well and I guess I can't get a good sleep and that's sad!Well, another day again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008
Friday, July 25, 2008

Ok,I'm here to update what happened yesterday and today.
Yesterday was a special day for me,my birthday+ I'm now 15 years old.
Ok,early in the morning i woke up,went and got myself ready,drank water,went to school.

In school

-I wish merrisa happy birthday as she is also 24th of july=) she wish me back^^
-Kalye and a few wished me. *thanks*
-Went in class,got a few present a wishes from friends^^
-Chit chatting
-Wishes from friends again
-Back to class
-After school
-Pass up books to teacher


-took bath
-chit chat with friends
-eat,eat and eat
-cut cake, birthday song
-chit chat,play
-facial wash by MKT
-chit chat,eat and eat.
-some went home
-still chit chat
-took photo
-brother's friends came and wish me happy birthday
-cut another cake,birthday song again
-eat again
-got presents again
-clean up
-took bath


Ok,today isn't my birthday anymore but i still got presents from friends.thanks anyway.Well let me start where i was almost late for assembly.I saw sweet yee and we rush ,rush and rush! *phew* We were lucky.Anyway, Went up to class,Min hua gave me a present and thanks for the present , and yes I know I'm old!>.<
Then,after school I waited for him at apd to give me the present and thanks for it anyway but I don't feel touch at all,I'm sorry!Later, Wei Nian told me there was something important that needed to be told in the library meeting.At first I said OK.Then after that he called my name and Merissa name too.I was shock,I though OK,i am going to be fired or something like that or trying to criticize me in front of everyone? Who knows,he told everyone yesterday was our birthday and sang Birthday song again. 3rd time for me (yesterday & today). Whatever! Oh, before I forget,I feel sorry to Kalye for not listening to the phone when you called me,I was too tired and half asleep to listen to your called.
Later on,i watch a little part of Get Smart in apd and went home with Ling sze.
Did I actually mention my trial exam is just around the corner and I'm not really that ready and and and I don't feel like going for the exam?I didn't huh? Still I've got to study and I'm really trying to study but I just can't.What am I suppose to do? anybody help?hello?anyone around? I guess just me and myself to face it.
Friday, July 25, 2008
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Officially 15 years old!

24th of july=)
Cheaw Wen Ting's birthday^^ *teehee*
I'm officially 15 years old!
I'm happy!
Thanks to everybody for your wishes^^~
For now,update later.
I've got to go and sleep! I'm tired!

Happy Birthday to Myself=)
To *ahem* you: Thaks for remembering and thanks for the wishes!
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today was a total goodbad day for me.I scolded my friend just because of...??I don't know,feeling bad but I just feel so sad,angry and confused and maybe a little stress.
But still thanks to you guys to try so hard just to cheer me up!Trying to open my mind and be happy,but its still closed and I ain't know why.
What right wrong with me??Anyway,This sat got recycling project.Ok,that would be fun right?hope so.=)
I've already got a present from a friend .She sent it by post.=)I hate love her. Yesterday Mum's Friend Gave Me a Whole bunch of accessories.Thanks A Lot.^^

Till here.

Love ting~
Thursday, July 17, 2008
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Countdown 9 Days!

Yup,9 more days.Well,guess what? Everyone is asking Friends>>'wenting,i don't know what present to buy for you leh,what you want?'. Me>>'No need lah..a wish is enough'.Friends>>Cannot,But ohh..i know already. *silence* then continue with other things.

Its Funny,but thanks for remembering my birthday!~muaxx.
Today was an OK day *duhh* so teachers are giving our results back and damn it!its bad!

I ask a present from my brother and i said i wanted a house he says ok,he'll buy me a dog house,a nice dog house.damn bad.NVM. *whatever*.

Btw,i'm so sad and i miss it.my little keychain dog . Its name is TATA.(i know it sounds stupid but it starts with a T=).I actually got TATA,TETE,TUTU.but now left 2,i really miss it.who stole it.If i know,i am so goin to kick ur ass!I love it a lot & i dreamt bout it yesterday.so Sad..hmm..

Ok,I'll Just stop here.bye.
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Thursday, July 10, 2008
kill me or leave me

Countdown:14 more days till bombshell!
Thursday!~what a *ahem* day...School,school,school...What's new?
Nothing much just some odinary stuff...
So..today what happened in school?err..exams,playing,laughter,dreaming,sleeping~
we all had to finish our bm exam in 20 min!~
Later on we got a Latihan pengosongan bangunan again!just because next week there will be 3 or more or less people coming to see!Ohh well...-no comments-
after recess we got geo exam..i finish it in 20 min=P
after i finish we started to chit chat and haha..teacher says cheong wai is busybody!~ *naninanibubu*who ask u to call me fatty!lalala..
after that science class and we started to play at the back..i was so sleepy but i couldn't sleep all cause of zhong en.-no comments-
I'm sorry vanessa when you were talking to me in school.i was kinda tired and i was thinking about something.+ i know you wanted to scare me.
sorry my dear.
isn't it true?
yea..i really wish...
time passes,nobody remembers~

kill me or leave me?
Thursday, July 10, 2008
Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello!~today..hmm..what happen?i don't ,i guess just exam + crazyness of mine!~
ohh ya..dat fatty arr!!whack and whack and whack me using that calender that was given to us and he whacked me for 60 times!~
Ohh no..getting nearer and nearer!~i am so freaking crazy this days!~
*sob* she doesn't know i am sad she doesn't know anything bout me anymore!~i don't know her too...sad...haih..

MORE PICS=P[stupid pics!]

It is cute!!it knows how to sing!!^^

my little eye and my brother's eye^^

My Dress=)

err..choosing wihch earing to wear?

gtg for tuition...bye~~

Monday, July 07, 2008

today is monday and i usually get to sit down but today i got to sing!!!*wth!* so when i reach school i put my bag in apd and everyone is already singing!ohh no..after that when the bell ring we went downstairs to get ready and i was getting more and more nervous!~arghh...anywayz..we got ready and after the 'perasmian bulan pusat sumber' ,we went out!!1,2,3 bow and the song started!~arghh...everybodies eye looking..everything was fine till the stupid microphone went crazy and made some stupid sound..and that was really embarrasing!~ohh no!save me..i was about to laugh but luckily i try to stop..it was kin of weird when everybody is looking at you..and you looking at everybody..after the song finish we went out and it was a relieve to me=) *winks* happy!!!then we went back to class my friends all disturb me by saying i sang so nicely and blah blah and so on..but wait how they even know i sang nicely when i sang so darn soft!and the mic wasn't in front of me also..wahaha...simply say !this is the second time i got choose to sing song!~and it is sometimes fun and sometimes bad !

after recess EXAM!science and sejarah..damn funny when teacher himself told us the answer and say want to minus our mark..he was crazy..and the guys over there were so called'discussing' and i was laughing non stop bout ..??ok i waas crazy!~i don't know what i was laughing at!!!arghh..then after school i met vanessa !ohh ya..vanessa his so sweet and you broke his heart..but nvm..i love you and sorry for saying 我对你实在是失望了!i feel so bad saying that!~ohh ya..!!i forgot xue ren cut her hair and she looks pretty!!~

anyway,countdown 17 more days and i will be old!~=[ *sob* hmm..don't know wheter i shoud come on that day..hope nothing stupid will happen lo..!~!

take care=)
Pics i took when i was crazy + bored!


orang utan and me=P

Monday, July 07, 2008
Tuesday, July 1, 2008
I can't believe!

its july already...suppose to be happy but i ain't happy all cause of ....
exam coming again!~ and i am gonna BOO vanessa!~ she saw me and ignore me..=[ *sob* well well.. today we were all having fun in the class..we laugh and laugh and laugh!~and that destroyer try to make me laugh when he did something bad!~wahaha...gotcha !

btw vanessa,u tag me but i'm not free for now...well do it when i'm free kayy?+ ur not free too right this few days??nvm nvm..well i got to go...

sick again!~ my class all of us 1 by 1 also sick ...=.=
bye bye...
Tuesday, July 01, 2008