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Friday, June 13, 2008

hello ppl!~haha..happy !mum din get angry wif me leh..summore say try harder!jst feel that isn't my mum!
anyway..i realise sumthing!
yesterday i open my fridge and realise theres lots of....

[Look At The Picture]



I'm inlove with chocolates!=)i counted and there were 16 of them..haha...some of them from germany,and others bought from here.my mum says goin to ask her friend to buy more chocolates for me from germany=)haha..happy!more and more Chocs for me!i don't mind i get sick i just love it!all mine..muahaha..ohh ya..today i happy!cheong wai admit he is fat!cause he made me angry and he follow me wherever i go and keep making me laugh..when i wanted to forgive him he drop my bottle and he thought he was goin to die..haha..actually i wasn't angry but i wanted to disturb him!playing handphones in class..wah so romantic la while looking at some messages!XD

no joke!cute and funny!=) meeting??kinda bored but then having fun when sofea buy me a drink. wee...=)then i bought for kalye too!

k la...got to go! reminder to vanessa BIG BIG =)*jkjk*dun take it serious!

Friday, June 13, 2008
Thursday, June 12, 2008
darn i'm stupid!

oh yea..school started my bad mood jst started too..=[
today i got my results..ohh no!i got ..haih...dunno la...jst feel so crazy and sad...
i was tlkin to myself all the way home..ohh crazy girl..
summore today got pusat akses meeting..ohh reli...what la..
then sharlyn wanted to take me to pejabat..i was lost=P
ehh ehh..vanessa..i wan BIG BIG BIG 1..the kind that can kill me 1..
i think arr...u better start saving money to buy that!
i've been hungry the whole day even i ate a lot of chocs and food!!
but still what la!don't know what kind of tummy is this!
cause i don't really know what's wrong with me..
darn i'm stupid!
well well..
today cheong wai is FATTY i've been calling him fatty the whole day..
wahaha...and he bought me a pen=)
nice fella!~k la ur not fat jst super fat^^

so i just hope i can make myself happy again!
ohh yea!thanks vanessa for everything!

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
fun day!

WAIT!before i start what i did for today i will just talk bout what i did for tuesday and wednesday which i did not write a blog so...


-I woke up! got a call from bridget and talk talk talk and stop!
-then i took out the recipe to bake cake.
-mum called and ask what's goin on and i kept it a sceret!
-started to do orange cupcakes!
-finish doing and started to bake it!
-burnt a few and at last success(well at least i didn't burnt all,what do you expect from someone baking cake for the first time?)
-too happy +nervous to let parents try my cake!
-cook dinner for family
-while eating +chatting feel so happy!
-and computer

-woke up
-get myself ready
-bridget called
-went to bridget's house
-wait for the father
-went for food
-went to sunway lagoon!
-queue up to buy tickets
-went in
-went to the water park
-play and play and play
-stop playing with water
-everyone was hungry
-went for food
-went to wildlife park
-took photos with pony(the fur is super soft and nice)
-look around
-feed guinue pig,rabbits and horse
-went around
-went for a drink
-on the way home
-cook dinner
-out with brother and friend to watch movie
-watch indiana jones
-finish bout 1.00 a.m in the morning!
-went mamak-ing

-brother scare me till i woke up!!
-got up,ling sze called me
-get ready to go
-went and fetch lingsze&the brother
-went for badminton
-played non-stop
-gone crazy
-finish playing from 9.30 till 12
-came home
-took bath
-and so on...
Thats for now..
**holidays gonna end soon hope after school reopens i can really study hard and get good results!=)
Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Sunday, June 1, 2008
yesterday+ today!

Let me see..where should i start..ohh i know!
yesterday i went to the hospital with my mum to see doctor.and doctor says i'm WEAK!and so on!
yea..i know i'm weak..since when i'm not weak..gave me medicine..and some chinese medicine..
mum took home and boil it for me to drink!and it taste HORRIBLE!!arghh..i wanted to vomit but the medicine was expensive+i had no choice cause my mum was beside me~=.= ohh yea..not throwing away...after that..i drank lots of water...uhmm..it still sucks!
then i went to IPOH to see granny..=)

went there i went to tesco and bought lots of snacks for myself! i was happy!^^
ngek ngek ngek!


slept and woke up this morning!
ate my breakfast then i slept back!*piggy*
watch Rob-B-Hood~well i watch it on astro..then off we came back home!
came back..
took my bath
went pasar malam
bought food!back home
nxt !

Sunday, June 01, 2008