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Sunday, April 27, 2008
updated ballerina!~

VANESSA!~ i updated=))

haha..anywayz..yesterday was IR day..*Phew*it was okayy i guess..i saw my kb frens..n frensXD

okayy..we were having fun..but dat brandon harr..he arr...touch my hairs=p okok..i crazy edi..we were tlkin n he started callin me the name again!~ohh gosh summore in the lift!n he n wei han started laughing for no reason i followed..after that i was upstairs tlkin to bridget..n making fun of ben ben!haha..n ohh wei ming i nvr say u yong sui arr..u said so..^^so..francisca was singing..wow!~it was nice ehh!after all the performance we started cleaning up..!kishen was using the ballons to scare me..then there comes suren!~he want to borrow sumthing sharp but all i got was i plastic knifeXD. okayy..tehn when we wnet downstairs i saw brandon eating wif his gang..n haha..it was funny when i ask him to buy me a lolipop!~=) and owhh yea SOMEBODY OWES ME LOLIPOP!
went back home n pack my stuff..cuz hafta go to ipoh =[ it was very tiring but nvm..haha..anywayz was kinda angry cuz of him la!~ ishh betul...
k k...think i will update till here..i will update others nxt time la..got to go la bb..
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Todayy ...injection..sobz..i cried jst for mayb 5 min n i stop..i was quite brave=))happy happy that i was brave..haha...but i dunno wheter the nurse inject the wrong place anot..cuz after dat me n my frens all siao..laugh for no reason..we look at a piece of paper n started laughing...wakaka..sudah gila...anywayz..i am now officially SICK~ flu,cough,even the nurse ask me go see doctor n they gave me vitamin c and b..darn..why everytime i injection i oso nid to take medication 1..??so..exams over but theres another 1 coming..n dats not gud..cuz i can't stop playing..=) i suppose thats bad but i jst..no i mean we jst can't stop...jst like today..our NEW moral teacher came n started writting on the board!~n we were like at the back playing games..haha...the guys.nvr stop making us laugh..today another guy sat beside me..n they started singing the song ONLY YOU. the song was changed!!~it was funny..we laugh non stop till my fren's tears drop..^^tears of laughter..=)then i started singing this song(edited by my fren)
after that i started taking a pin n started poking the guy behind me~wahaha..n started saying ah tuk! ah tuk! ah tuk..!~ n he tot i was saying (grandfather)n he answered me bak ' ah ye' in chinese..then i started laughing like crazy..another guy started saying himself dat he was the most handsome guy..too many ppl likes him n shit crap!~ we were like haha..who ever goes near u bad luck for 10 years.!
okayy..after that during my duty time in the library i was crazy n started laughing when i look at the table..i dunno why.??haha..!~

ohh..thanks for not leaving..n i ..i..miss ya=))
jst hope nothing changes between us okie?=S *worried*
hmm..lollies??i wan to eat=)) no lollies dun fren u blek=p(childish)*crazy'ing'*

~By3 By3~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Monday, April 21, 2008

today i feel so tired..and kinda sad..i am jst afraid..afraid of loosing her..ohh well..+ my exam marks...arghhh...happy for maths..sad for sejarah!~darn..jst on the dot!well well...still coughing no cahges..dunno y..tomolo got photography session..weee...but but oso got body check up!~sobz..nid to go for injection...ee....2day was kinda fun when the guys let teacher catch to go infront to read..wakaka...so funny...summore they act like their couple n try to make me laugh..but sobz..they call me fatty!~so bad=(
anywayz...i wanna go crazy dis few days..ohh yea i din blog for few days n i forgot .
On friday it was funny when i started taking the scissors n cut papers...then i told the guy nxt to me..tan cheong wai i 1 2 cut sumthing he tot i was crazy n cut his...*ahem* n started taking books to cover his*ahem*..n he said...phew luckily got all this thick text book to cover if not cham..i was laughing non stop ..then i took the scissor n cut his hair..hhaa..reli crazy...he n my fren started to fight over the scissors..in the end.!!the scissors broke..poor scissors..later i went crazy again in the bengkel n started taking the hammer to try to disturb my fren...ohh!~dat was seriously crazy..=) did i ever tell any1 of u i am crazy??

to my dear vanessa,u know y i am sad n sobz...+ i dun care i wan my lollies before i pluck ur head off=p

for now n bye=)
Monday, April 21, 2008
Thursday, April 17, 2008

its finally OVER!~yup!OVER!anywayz..today maths was like super easy..!seriously easy..wahaha..2day funny la..the guy sitting nxt to me was looking for me a guy in class that suites me much..1 by 1 he choose n finally he choose himself..i was laughing..when he said the winner is..*drum roll*ME!.then..when our science teacher A.K.A doraemon (i gave him dat name cuz of his tummy)was discussing bout science paper 1..the guy nxt to me starting to make fun of us cuz he got all right at 1st..after dat he got wrong...and he got more wrongs then me..n he said..."hmmp..i let u all win a little oni ma..see la..sure win de"n he try to fool around and pikat my fren..ends up letting my fren scold till he cannot even fight back!~wakaka..we were laughing like..crazy ppl..well we are a crazy gang!

yup!mui,ur soo rite..i hurt my toe!so painful..XD..and today i kacau u again=p
told ya i can kacau anytime^^~btw thanks for your wishes ~
P.S//you still owe me lollipop!don't always dream bout ur bf dream bout me la=p*perasan*
back to me!~happy happy..but just waiting for results~!hope its okayy..if not..mati!~aiks..this sat goin to frens hse to do things for the I.R day..more than 10 ppl goin i guess..i guess it would be FUN!~ohh god! may i still got exam..no fun=( nvm nvm..at least got ppl belanja me mc donald=))&of cuz lollipop in class..wakaka...!time to go luu...^^
Thursday, April 17, 2008
Sunday, April 13, 2008
The Boring First Day Of Exam!

its the 1st day of exam=S guess how was my exam...??yea it sucks..well..we were jst playing around not studying jst hoping to get high marksXD..thats our wayy..i guess i am totally SICK!darn it sucks..flu,cough,feeling cold n hot=.=//i don't know..mayb cause of the weather?anywayz..luckily the guy nxt to me knows and he helped me off the fan..but tehn i was feeling hot...then cold...owh god...craps!..well..wait wait..bak to the start..which is EXAM!..ohh ya..Bm was well..not too say too easy but not hard..english was jst a summary well..its okie...wait till my marks come out 1st.!well well..here comes GEO! well..all the maps came out n i was like..*oops..i tot i read it jst now..but answer is....ohh nvm..let me pick! ABCD shut my eyes n tick!..n i got ...A..okayy..thats the answer!=.=...it was boring..no joke..well every exams seems to be BORED!
my papers for today=))

back home..waas jst so restless but i can't seem to sleep!ain't know why..but then i started taking pictures of things^^~wakaka...*crazy*

yea..i guess i just love it^^

aww...not mindXD=PP

~The treasure~

Well well...Kalye and me knows the meaning of this!~n of cuz she drew it=))


Sunday, April 13, 2008
Wat A Day!

OMG!exams tomorrow!=.=wat a day today..went to jusco wif mum to buy groceries..mum said i could eat shakey's pizza..=) well..i am not suppose to eat so much but i ate alot..!^^~ehheee..it started raining again!BORING!!~the only word i could express...i guess i am totally sick..well i don't know what the hell is wrong with me..always having bad headaches..always hearing a *beep*sound..n it hurts my ears..i need to go for checkupss=[[ yea..i hate myself soooo much!>.< THAT'S ME=))

I guess..its time to study againXD...its boring but ..owh welll..wish me luck=P

Sunday, April 13, 2008
Friday, April 11, 2008

Ok! its been a long time since i stop blogging like maybe 2 years..i am back blogging just for fun!well..EXAM!again...*sigh*who created EXAM??its sucks..well i guess lots of ppl hates exam except for genius who can score A's easily ...i am not!so...study study study..thats what i can do fro now..but it really sucks!..STRESS !yea..i guess i am stress up again..once again the stupid type of sadness which i can cry anytime..anyday..anywhere..=[[ can someone cheer me up?well..i just feel happy for my pets sister who pass being a prefect and others..cheer up and good luck!i guess thats for now^^~ciaozz..
Friday, April 11, 2008